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painSTAR: Pain School for Translation And Research


The aim of painSTAR is to bring together a group of around 30 exceptional PhD/post-doctoral (or equivalent) pain researchers to participate in an intensive program focussed on linking the bench to bedside. Pain Schools foster interdisciplinary collaboration, accelerated translation of research findings to care delivery, and the development of skills to help influence political/health service systems - all topics that are critical for high quality translational pain research but are rarely covered in standard teaching/conference curriculum. Consumer representatives form part of the faculty, providing attendees with exposure to the personal and social consequences of living with persistent pain, and providing inspiration about the importance of translational pain research.

The inaugural painSTAR event was held from 13-17 November 2022.

Details of this event can be found here: painSTAR 2022

We are delighted to confirm that the next painSTAR event will be held in November 2024, watch this space!