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APS Scholarship


The Australian Pain Society (APS) is a multidisciplinary association whose purpose is to advance pain management through education, research, and advocacy for transformational improvements in clinical care.

APS is a registered charity with the Australian Taxation Office.

DEADLINE: This round is now closed

The Australian Pain Society and the Australian Pain Relief Association (APRA) awarded thirteen 3-year PhD Scholarships from 1995 through to 2016. After the completion of the APS/APRA/Seqirus #1 PhD Scholarship, the APS became soley responsible for this program from 2022. 

The award is to enable full time research leading to a Doctor of Philosophy or equivalent:

  1. Three years FULL TIME study with generous $40,000 annual stipend (inclusive of GST)
  2. At any recognised Australian University
  3. The applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  4. The applicant and their supervisor must be members of the APS; and
  5. The funded project can be related to any aspect of the mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment of acute or chronic pain. 

APS PhD #6 Scholarship Documents:

    Annual Report         Conditions of Award a

The Australian Pain Society PhD Scholars Roll

Scholar Topic Completed PhD Scholarship Sponsor
Sherelle Casey Cannabinoids for neuropathic pain 2021 Seqirus #1-APS-APRA
James Kang Epigenetic influence in cognitive impairments in chronic neuropathic pain 2019 APS #5-APRA
Sarah Kissiwaa Pain induced synaptic plasticity in the amygdala 2017 Janssen Cilag #2-APS-APRA
Audrey Wang The cortical integration of tactile sensation in complex regional pain syndrome 2017 Mundipharma #3-APS-APRA 
Amelia Edington Defining inhibitor binding sites unique to the glycine transporter, GLYT2: A potential target for the treatment of chronic pain 2013 APS #4-APRA
Susan Slatyer Caring for patients experiencing episodes of severe pain in an acute care hospital: Nurses’ perspective 2013 APS #3-APRA
Zoe Brett Individual differences in vulnerability to the development of chronic pain following injury 2011 Mundipharma #2-APS-APRA 
Debbie Tsui Preclinical studies in painful diabetic neuropathy 2008 APS #2-APRA
Kathryn Nicholson Perry Pain Management Programmes in Spinal Cord Injury: Cognitive Behavioural Pain Management Programmes in the Management of Sub-acute and Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Pain 2007 Mundipharma #1-APS-APRA 
Anne Pitcher Conditional comfort: A grounded theory study in nursing approaches to acknowledging and responding to pain in nursing home residents with dementia 2006 CSL #2-APS-APRA
Lara Winter Antinociceptive properties of the neurosteroid alphadolone 2004 CSL #1-APS-APRA
Samantha South Antinociceptive pharmacology of morphine and its major glucuronide metabolites 1999 APS #1-APRA

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